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Bluetooth Music Handsfree USB adapter for BMW E39 E83 E53 E85 Business CD


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Bluetooth Music Handsfree MP3 CD changer adapter-BMW E39 E83 E53 E85 Business CD




This adapter is Comptible with :
Flat Pin Connector


Z4 E85 E86

E39 after 09/2000

E53 X5

E83 X3 to 09/2006

Z8 E52 2002-2003




Click here for Connector with Round Pin




This adapter is not comptible with: 


1) Professional Radio   2) Navigation (16:9)  3) Radio with DSP amplifier





 Package Contents:


( Microphone length = 270cm  )



Main Features:


— Bluetooth A2DP & Hands free with basic control (next/previous track)

— Support Steering wheel buttons control

— Retain OEM radio features with original sound quality

— Support Music Playback from USB/SD with basic control

(Next/Previous track, Next/Previous playlist and folder )

— Support USB /Micro SD Flash Disk with maximum capacity of 64G

— 3.5mm Aux in

— Last Song memory position





— Stream music on your phone wirelessly through Bluetooth ( Supports all smart phone with Bluetooth function)

— Handsfree calling/Calls can be anwsered or rejected Both on Radio and Steering Wheel buttons

* Press button ” next” to answer call & „previous” to reject call

— Random Song Play ( allow you to play your memory flash disk song randomly )

— Browse Song Play ( allow you to browse every single song in your folder for 20 seconds )

— Folder and File Management

* Set up to 6 folders and 99 songs in a folder

* In radio display – folder will be display as „Disc” , file will be displayed as „Track” ( USB/SD music playback)

— Charging function through USB connector@300mAh

Item Specifics
Brand : LaPower
Connector position : Back of the Radio
Adapter location : Passenger Glove Box
Voltage : 10 – 14.6V DC
Operation Current : 150mA / 300mA when charging mobile phone
S/N ratio : 95dB
Total Harmonic Distortion : < 0.1%
Frequency Response : 20Hz – 20KHz
Operating Temperature : -20 – 80 degree centigrade
DAC resolution : 18Bit
MP3 kbit : 8 – 384kbit
Adapter Size : 100mm x 65mm x 18mm
Manufacturer Part Number : 1500-BMFB
Bluetooth Built In : Yes ( A2DP & Hands free )
Microphone length : 270cm


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