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Carlinkit 4.0 CPC200-CP2A wired to wireless CarPlay carbon fibre shell 5G wifi bluetooth wireless android auto for factory wired CarPlay car models





Our CP2A adapters offer extensive setup options We support Android and Apple mobile phones without switching and restarting. The wireless module used is three antennas, the wireless is 2T2R, the maximum speed can reach 866Mbps, and touchpad operation is supported. The speed of some competing products is only 1R1T (2R2T refers to two antennas, 2 receiving and 2 sending), the speed is only 433MBps, and does not support touchpad operation
1-CarlinKit 4.0 No need to dismantle the car, USB plug & play design. After the mobile phone is paired for the first time, it can be seamlessly connected automatically when the car is restarted, and a pleasant journey begins. The original car features – voice, touchscreen, knobs, and steering wheel controls are retained. Support online upgrades and online technical guidance.
2-Works with more than 98% factory wired CarPlay cars. Equipped with USB Type-A and USB Type-C cables, suitable for models of various brands and different sockets
3-CarlinKit 4.0 is a wireless car adapter for android auto and CarPlay. It turns wired into wireless like a magician, making it easier for you and your family to use online navigation while listening to music while traveling by car, and is suitable for phones with both an Android phone and an iPhone. Applicable to IOS10/Android 11
4-5G Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5.8GHZ connection speed is fast, even if the phone is in your pocket, it can be easily recognized. Real-time transmission allows you to use the navigation or listen to music smoothly, creating a pleasant driving atmosphere. CarlinKit 4.0 dongle provides you with a safe and stable driving environment and can also enjoy music, etc. for you

Warm reminder:

To solve the problem that Android phones cannot access, here’s come with AutoKitools. It is suitable for CarlinKit 2air/A2A/CP2A. It is easy to use and convenient for Android phones to access the product setting page.

Download tutorial:

Log in the and install the APK.

Open the AutoKitools app and connect to the box’s WiFi in the list of available devices, which is named “autokit***”.

In the new page, you can upgrade, modify settings, give feedback, etc.

Video instruction:

Product Specs:

CPU:Atmel AT91SAM9260

WiFi Module:  NXP 88W8987
MFI:  MFI 3959/MFI 3989
Power Input:  5V±0.2V     1.0A
Power Output:  DC 5V±0.2V     1.0A
Power Consumption :0.75W
WiFi Frequency:5150-5250MHz,5725-5850MHz / 2412-2472MHz
Bluetooth Version :5.2  802.11ac
Antenna :3 dbi built-in FPC antenna
Material:ABS + PC      
Surface Treatment:  Carbon fiber texture
Pressing Method :Buckle
Supported Mobile Phones:iPhone wired/wireless connection:iPhone 6 and above,  iOS 10 and above versionAndroid phone wireless connection: Android 10.0 and above, some require Android 11.0 and above version Android phone wired connection: Android 6.0 and above version
Supported Vehicles :Car with factory wired CarPlay
Resolution:Adaptive (maintain the original protocol resolution)
Language:Automatically switch according to the vehicle language environment
Port :LED light、TYPE-C female port, USB female port
Date Cable: USB-A to USB-C*1  USB-C to USB-C*1    L=300mm
Product Size:  80×46×13mm
Package Dimensions: 115×80×36mm
Product Weight:  0.033kg       
Packing Gross Weight:  0.126kg

Supported brands and manufacture years

(Vehicles must come equipped with factory CarPlay)

Abarth 2017-2023
Acura 2017-2023
Alfa Romeo 2018-2023
Audi 2017-2023
Aston Martin 2017-2023
Bentley 2017-2023
Borgward 2017-2023
Buick 2017-2023
Cadillac 2016-2023
Chevrolet 2016-2023
Chrysler 2017-2023
Citroen 2016-2023
Dodge 2017-2023
Ferrari 2016-2023
Fiat 2017-2023
Ford 2017-2023
Genesis 2017-2023
GMC 2016-2023
Harley-Davidson 2019-2023
Holden 2016-2023
Honda 2016-2023
Honda bikes 2018-2023
Hyundai 2015-2023
Infiniti 2020-2023
Jaguar 2017-2023
Jeep 2017-2023
Kia 2015-2023
Land Rover 2017-2023
Lexus 2019-2023
Lincoln 2017-2023
Maserati 2017-2023
Mazda 2018-2023
Mercedes-Benz 2016-2023
MG Hector 2016-2023
Nissan 2017-2023
Opel 2016-2023
Peugeot 2017-2023
Porsche 2017-2023
RAM 2018-2023
Renault 2017-2023
Seat 2016-2023
Skoda 2016-2023
Subaru 2017-2023
Suzuki 2016-2023
Toyota 2016-2023
Vauxhall 2016-2023
Volkswagen 2015-2023

Supported aftermarket head-units




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